WanLainjo works with immigrants and refugees to help them secure permanent and long-term employment by providing  basic Computer Skill Training, resume writing , Interview skill  and Jobs search skill Training. We also organize monthly Job Fairs events that will help connect our participants and other members of the community directly to the employers


As Africans migrate from a credit/debt free continent to a credit/debit driven country they must be aware of the dangers surrounding credit and debts. The number one problem facing African immigrants in the US is financial management and how the credit system in the US works. We provide information and coaching to help them understand the financial system in the US, we encourage them to stay out of any kind of debts so as to avoid the consequences which in many cases will significantly affects them and their family lives.



In partnership with, MCFS we raise funds and acquire refurbish and recycle computers donated from businesses. Data is scrubbed from the computer, in compliance with the Department of Defense standards. The refurbished computers are then sold to our members, schools and other nonprofits for a minimal fee. Each computer is customized per needs and comes with a warranty and tech support. Our goal is to provide access to computers and the internet to immigrants which can help them learn and advance in the US.